We have a National Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee

Published on October 28, 2022: Thank you for tuning in to this audio only podcast presentation. This is week 92 of The Lindahl Letter publication. A new edition arrives every Friday. This week the topic under consideration for The Lindahl Letter is, “We have a National Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee.”

It seems like having a national artificial intelligence initiative is popular these days. Back on February 18, 2022, I shared my week 56 Substack post, “Comparative analysis of national AI strategies.” That missive continues to get a good bit of traffic so I thought now would be a good time to go ahead and revisit national AI strategies, advisory committees, institutes, legislation, and the myriad of research institutes or think tanks that are jumping into this area of consideration. This is an area that I think could be a good place for some solid academic contributions. Instead of digging into all of those areas my attention really got focused on one advisory committee. That will become clear here in the next couple of sections of content.

This week I have considered shifting The Lindahl Letter over to being an AI strategy advisory committee after spending a bunch of time reading about them this week. I’m not going to do that as it would limit my creative output to just one area and that sounds intellectually exhausting. One of them you can read about would be the National AI Advisory Committee (NAIAC) [1]. The next committee meeting was about to happen before writing this post. I had plans to listen live and I was totally signed up for everything [2]. Go forward I’m fully registered and signed up for alerts from the NAIAC. I would be happy to provide them guidance on effective national AI strategies from a comparative perspective, but that has not happened so far. This topic is an interesting space to consider at length. We are seeing a huge amount of academic work and companies like Hugging Face democratizing AI through community. Consider for a moment just how fast stable diffusion showed up and then was actively built into things and deployed. We are seeing massive changes within the ML/AI space and the deployment cycle is super-fast based on how interconnected the community happens to be worldwide. That has huge ramifications for any advisory committee considering the national level of AI strategy. Adapting to the rate of change and decentralized nature of things requires a different type of national AI strategy. I’ll be listening to the NAIAC in October to see how things are going. You can find the sessions on YouTube by searching for “NAIAC” pretty easily. 

“National Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee (NAIAC) Meeting”

“National Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee (NAIAC) Field Hearing”

You could read the meeting minutes from May 4, 2022.


I went out to Google Scholar and took a look to see if anybody had published or shared anything with this advisory committee referenced [3]. Nothing really came up except the above-mentioned meeting minutes from May 4, 2022. Nothing really showed up during a search of arXiv either [4]. It’s possible in about 6 months more content will show up reacting to the hours of meetings that are linked above. Right now, we appear to be a little bit ahead of things in terms of reactions to the work being done by this advisory committee. I’m going to keep an eye out for more content related to NAIAC. It’s possible sometime next year it will be the right time to dig back into this one.

Links and thoughts:

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Top 5 Tweets of the week:


[1] https://www.ai.gov/naiac/ 

[2] https://events.nist.gov/profile/form/index.cfm?PKformID=0x17861abcd 

[3] https://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=en&as_sdt=0%2C6&q=National+Artificial+Intelligence+Advisory+Committee&btnG= 

[4] https://search.arxiv.org/?in=&query=%22National%20Artificial%20Intelligence%20Advisory%20Committee%22 

What’s next for The Lindahl Letter?

  • Week 93: Papers critical of ML
  • Week 94: AI hardware (RISC-V AI Chips)
  • Week 95: Quantum machine learning 
  • Week 96: Where are large language models going?
  • Week 97: MIT’s Twist Quantum programming language

I’ll try to keep the what’s next list forward looking with at least five weeks of posts in planning or review. If you enjoyed this content, then please take a moment and share it with a friend. If you are new to The Lindahl Letter, then please consider subscribing. New editions arrive every Friday. Thank you and enjoy the week ahead.

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