Developing a Compendium of KPIs

Overnight code deployments certainly provide you with the time to think about life, the universe, and well just about everything. Tonight for example, I have been thinking about why this is the first time I have used WD-40 on my desk and KPI compendiums. Putting all the questions (for the right reasons) in the right place at the right time is the best way to describe a compendium of KPIs.

It is a distinct possibility that at some point along your career you will inherit or join an organization that does not actively engage in strategic planning based on a compendium of key performance indicators. As an organization matures, building out a mechanism to engage in strategic planning will inevitably seem like the right thing to do. Great strategic planning incudes a great deal of evidence about the current state and the planned future state. Typically that evidence bubbles up related to key performance indicators.

Consider for a moment a situation where you are about to sit down in front an executive committee or a board of directors for a presentation. This is the first time you have had to present to this many executives. Fortunately, you completed the entire KPI Compendium (K-PIC) boot camp.

Executives might ask some very pointed questioned related to what they need to know to move forward. That is a key element toward gaining agreement. Full consideration of the situation requires knowing what needs to be known to make the right decisions. That statement has to draw on the best parts of evidence based decision making. Knowing what needs to be known is a powerful piece of the puzzle.

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