Watching some NFL playoff football today

For some inexplicable reason the dog woke up 6 times last night and that was enough to kick start my day way before sunrise. Most of the time when I get woken up during the early hours of the morning I cannot go back to sleep. Being awake right now provided an opportunity to look at the window at the darkness and start to write a bit without interruption. Maybe that is worthwhile or maybe a few more hours of sleep would have been better. A few notes have been taken in my Moleskine sketchbook. Right now I’m still using that medium nib Parker Sonnet fountain pen that I picked up last year to scribble down notes on unlined sketchbook paper. I have always preferred to take notes or write down my thoughts on unlined paper. Today is going to be a big day in Kansas City. Like a good portion of the western united states it snowed last night here in Denver and from what I can tell in Kansas City as well. Today will be an interesting playoff game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Indianapolis Colts. My plan is to have my trusty ASUS Flip Chromebook at the ready during the game to capture any thoughts between eating nachos and watching the game.

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