Watching some NFL football

Tomorrow is going to be a very interesting day. Be bold. It could end up being a very memorable day. It could be a day that redefines things. Each new day provides the opportunity to be bolder. It provides the opportunity to be better. Each new day provides a host of opportunities. Those opportunities hinge on capturing the moment. The Denver Broncos football team is trying to capture the moment today during the course of playing against the New England Patriots. The past will always be the past. You have to be present and decided to take action in the moment. Taking control of the moment at hand defines us. Being empowered to take control of the moment separates  action from inaction. Never abide procrastination. It poisons the well against the action we need to move forward.

The weather in Denver, Colorado is just right for football. Broadcast video quality for the game is excellent. The picture at 1080p is very sharp. At some point, the NFL will radically change the face technology in the United States by filming and broadcasting in 4k resolution. That shift in technology will be a major tipping point for both content provides and home theater systems. We have a Sony Bravia television that is capable of 1080p resolution. It does not appear the cable or satellite television companies will be delivering 4k content this year. Only the NFL as an organization could cause a wholesale technological shift.

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