Thinking about 1990’s sports trading cards

Goodness. I watched this documentary on Netflix called, “Jack of all trades,” tonight. It was a mix of a personal journey and a look into the economic conditions of sports trading cards in the 1990’s. Truly that was an interesting time. You may know that my baseball card collection includes around 40,000 cards. They pretty much run from around 1985 to around 1994. I’m sure a wide assortment of other cards are in the mix as well. I did a few quick searches on eBay this evening and you can still buy boxes of wax packs of sports trading cards at pretty reasonable prices all things considered. I almost bought a few boxes this evening just to go back to those simpler days of the 1990’s. My first thought after watching the movie was that I wanted to open some packs of 1989 Upper Deck again. It has been a long time since that happened. Over the last few years I have picked up a few boxes of trading cards at Target. Most of them include a few packs of cards (maybe a max of ten). They are not like the boxes of trading cards that I used to buy. I’m going to have to think about this topic a little bit more tomorrow.

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