Oh graded card prices

Right now I have 9 open bids on eBay and that always seems somewhat exciting. Right now the sports grading card services have raised prices and reduced outputs. Part of that happened due to the pandemic and the other part was due to the sheer demand in the market that outpaced capacity for grading. That means generally the graded sports cards that I spend time bidding on have gone up in price recently. It seems like the sports card collecting hobby has gotten a little bit out of control. I generally just watch the rookie card prices of George Brett and Joe Montana. Sometimes I look them up in the Market Movers application from Sports Card Investor. 

People are generally sending in more modern cards for grading and a few high value cards vs. the mass of general player cards that I slowly collect. One of my side collections has been to generally pick up the complete catalog of George Brett cards in graded form. Right now I’m focused on working my way back from 1975 to present. However, the prices have been slowly escalating and it is somewhat interesting. For the lower graded cards I could pick them up slowly over time, but right now for some reason it seems like all the graded cards are getting purchased at a premium. Not only is that very possible due to the decline in grading, availability, and market factors, but also it is possible that another collect is building up the same set and bidding against me all the time. It would only take two of us to generally raise the card values on the market floor of a very targeted collection of a specific player.

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