Staying on track

This has been a productive week. I seem to be getting a lot of stuff done very quickly.

Joni is super concerned that I do not understand what a mud run entails. I know it will be a difficult to complete 3.5 mile track covered by mud. My weekday running routine has been expanded to include 3 miles each session. If I can maintain my weekday workout regimen for the next couple of months, then I should be able to complete the mud run.

On the academic front, I may be picking up a business strategy class this term. Over the course of the last two years, my course roster has only included intro to business. It will be nice to get back to grading APA formatted papers again. Introduction to business is a first term class. Business strategy is a 7th term class. I should find out this weekend what classes I actually get assigned.

At the MPSA conference last week, I made the decision to start volunteering to review journal articles. My research background is pretty technical in nature, but I think being a reviewer could be a rewarding experience.

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