My Initial Fitbit Surge Review

At the end of last week, my brand new Fitbit Surge arrived in a nondescript USPS delivered box. The packaging was a little tight and almost hard to open. It seemed like the watch was forced into a box designed to fit on store shelves. The tagline on the box called it the, “Fitness Super Watch.” Getting the device setup took about 10 minutes. The process was pretty straight forward. I removed the watch from the box, read the instructions, plugged the device into my computer via a very custom USB cable, and completed an update. After the update was complete, the device was ready to pair to my Fitbit account. My Fitbit Flex was removed from my account and the Fitbit Surge was added. I was wearing the Fitbit Surge and watching my heartrate in about 10 minutes of setup time.

Here are my initial thoughts after 2 days of using the device:

  • I’m over 200 lbs and the large version of the watch looks big on my wrist. It is by far bigger than any of the Citizen watches I own.
  • Based on interacting with other smartwatches, I expected to be able to do more things from the touchscreen. It pretty much only provides fitness data.
  • The software development team should update the device to show some information about charging when it is plugged in via USB. Great engineers could probably have it display how many minutes of charging are left.
Fitbit Surge vs. Fitbit Flex on my desk
Fitbit Surge vs. Fitbit Flex on my desk


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