Match Madness Thursday

The second round of the NCAA tournament starts in just a few hours. The Jayhawks have experienced losing this season. The team knows what it is like to watch the other team celebrate. That experience may drive them forward during the tournament. They have the talent. Bill Self probably has been coaching them to play defense. It could happen. They could rally. We will know for sure tomorrow.

Today I’m going to be watching the games. Like a growing number of College basketball fans I took the end of this week off. To get prepared for the big day I spent a little extra time at the gym today. The weekday gym plan has been working. So far this week I have been to the gym four out of four days. That almost represents a significant change to my pattern. One more week like this and I’ll be on track to sustain the weekday gym plan.

Four days in and I can already text on the treadmill without falling down. The gym is only 25% occupied this early in the morning. I tried to work out after work one day, but it was just to crowded. A lot of the same people work out every day at the same time. I’m not going to be running marathon s anytime soon, but I won’t be winded walking up a couple flights of stairs anymore.

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