Making progress

Two things of note happened yesterday. 

First, I made some real progress on answering one of my principle electronic government research questions. Stay tuned to figure out which one.

Second, the event last night was pretty decent. I got to meet Jeff Kaplan from CIO magazine. It was a relatively small 50 person meet and greet. Now that I’m living in Denver, I feel like making a better effort to network. So far I have been converting that strategy into action. The IT community is smaller than the broader business community, but it is still pretty big.

The event was hosted by CDW. They titled it “Maximizing your private/hybrid cloud strategy.” The speakers/hosts were from VMWARE, CDW, CIO Magazine, and NetApp. The best commentary of the night surrounded getting data back from the cloud for business analysis, long-term storage, or to manage vendor change. Some partnerships requires so much integration that vendor lock in can seem irreversible.

It’s interesting to hear people talk about Amazon web services. People have such different takes on cloud services. I still look at the cloud as an off premise service, but I do acknowledge that some things exist in a hybrid format.

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