Adventure Wednesday

My new Fitbit Surge personal fitness tracker has been working well. It is much easier to charge than the Fitbit Flex. The heartrate data is really helping me understand my exercise routine. It has been interesting to watch my heartrate changes throughout the day. I’m still getting used to the size of the watch, but things seem to be working out.

The most adventurous thing that happened today was getting a glass of cranberry juice. Apparently, it was really only 27% cranberry juice. I’m guessing the rest was mostly water and sugar. It was good. I enjoyed it.

At some point in the not so distant future, I will be able to sit down at my desk and my monitor, keyboard, and mouse will be controlled by my smartphone. A mobile phone should be able to wirelessly drive my desktop technology. Mobile phones are already more powerful than many generations of computers. I’m seriously wondering about using a cell phone as a PC replacement. Some people really seem to think that a smartphone could be the computer of the future.

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