A focused Wednesday

I’m back from Chicago. I’m running on a treadmill before 7:00 AM writing this post on my HTC One Max. Pretty much everybody who notices the phone thinks it is a tablet. It works for me and that is what counts.

My exercise routine took a hard fall off the wagon last week. I kept up with my vitamins, but the only exercise I got was walking around the City of Chicago.

Joni had me walking all over Chicago. We walked from Hot Doug’s to Wrigley field for the Cubs opening day. We walked from the hotel to Sable Kitchen and Bar for dinner one night. It felt like we did a ton of walking.

Strange things were afoot while I was away from work last week. Apparently, the IT team planned a mud run. In a couple months they think it is a good idea for me to run 5k in the mud.

I have time blocked off to exercise each weekday. I have time dedicated to writing everyday. The 30 day book writing plan is in progress. A shell has been setup. Chapters have been drafted. All that is left is the execution part of the plan.

More on that tomorrow…

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