Double brewed K-Cup day

It happened again today. I double brewed the same K-Cup. After finishing a cup of Starbucks Tribute blend this morning, I reused the same K-Cup to brew an additional half cup of coffee. Yes – the same K-Cup was used to brew two cups of coffee. I feel like this is starting to happen a couple of times a week. I’m not exactly sure when it started, but it has definitely been happening. It does not seem to harm the Keurig machine, but it might be (I’m not sure how it would). Other people probably do the same thing, but I’m not sure they openly admit to such poor coffee etiquette.

I spent some time today working on a backup of my websites. Apparently, an image gallery got corrupted or removed somewhere along the way. This week the top posts and pages widget was enabled within my primary weblog. After inspecting some of the posts that were people were reading, I quickly discovered that some images from 2012 were not appearing. That seemed like a weird thing to disappear. It took a few minutes to grab a backup and restore the images via FTP.

Yesterday during the evening, the fantasy baseball keeper league I patriciate in held a draft. Things are really up in the air on my draft. This season really could go a number of ways. I’m hoping to improve my performance this year. The foundation has been set. I’m going to have to watch early performance and be willing to make some changes early in the season.

My 2015 Fantasy Baseball Lineup
My 2015 Fantasy Baseball Lineup

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