A very welcome Friday

Last night watching the Colorado Avalanche play hockey required me staying up way past my bedtime. Thank goodness that it is already Friday and the weekend will be here shortly after a few hours of working. Playoff hockey has a different level of energy in the building from the fans watching the Colorado Avalanche and from the players. It’s intensity personified. Things during the game get very loud and people get really excited about watching the game and cheering on the Avalanche. I’m more reserved, but that does not mean it is not an experience to appreciate. The game last night ended up going into overtime which was way past my bedtime. My day started at 0530 hours the next day of course. The day has just happened to start off a little bit slower than it should have started. 

Overall my personal website seems to be functioning pretty well after the move to the new server. The hosting company completely changed the configuration and server. The amount of traffic to the site is not overwhelming by any measure, but the increase in speed in terms of loading times is noticeable to me. We will see if Google scores it differently across the various indexing efforts. An independent loading time test is always a good way to figure out if an improvement occurred. The heaviest part of the page is the banner image for sure. Removing that image would speed up the overall loading times of course, but that would be less fun so for now it is staying up top to provide an esoteric boost for the overall page. 

One of the writing process related things I try to avoid is exactly what just happened. I pull up one of these word processing documents in Google Docs and try to work from start to finish. Just now I stopped after the last paragraph and went and set up a new post on the weblog with keyword tags and all the goodness. Obviously, that is a disruptive act as it takes me out of the flow of writing. It generally spells the end of the writing event that was occurring and shortly after that I end up posting whatever was written. The order of events should be to conclude the writing routine of creating words before trying to prepare for publication. While I’m considering bad writing routine habits I have been publishing without proofreading again for the last few posts. Instead of taking the time to go back and read the content and do a little bit of grammarian style wrangling, a copy and paste exercise to publish the words occurred. 

Overall my writing has reached a point where the first draft is not terribly off putting in terms of quality on the first pass. That does not mean that I have reached a point where editing is not required of course. Even with the helpful suggestions from Google Docs along the way a few things slipped into my stream of consciousness that could be improved with a little editing. I can say that the active suggestion and editing elements of Google Docs have improved over the last year. They can be a bit distracting if you are really in the groove of writing at a solid pace of trashing the keyboard. Generally, I end up going back to catch and fix the things that pop up along the way which creates a series of little disruptions in my writing routine. It would be better in terms of writing flow to work with all of them at the end of the creation process.

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