A bit of Pro Bowl day writing

All right I sat down and wrote something here today. It was a bunch of prose about how my Pixel 7 Pro smartphone is not working properly, but it was something. Today is a day where sitting on the sofa and spending some time writing was inevitable. I’m waiting for the NFL AFC–NFC Pro Bowl to start. So far today I have not ended up trying to figure out what will one day replace this Pixelbook Go chromebook. I had been considering the HP Dev One which is now sold out. Installing a different operating system on the Pixelbook Go did not seem to be intuitively derivable. 

I’m seeing a lot of advertisements for pizza today. My interests however happen to be a little bit more geared toward chips and salsa. None of the advertisements focused on that category of food. 

It is interesting that they have the Manning brothers coaching the pro bowl teams. In just a couple minutes the game will start. To be fair about it I was really curious what a flag football game would end up being like for the pro bowl.

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