Rethinking social media usage

Given enough time on the internet people tend to get to the point where they are ready to rethink their social media usage. Some folks never will rethink posting an endless string of photos, but all the rest of it has a certain quality to it that makes you wonder. My social media usage is down to really just Twitter and LinkedIn. I’m not going to count my weblog posts as social media usage. Nothing about them is inherently social. They are akin to posting a note in a public space. Very few people ever read that prose. Oddly enough that is fine with me. For the most part my efforts to engage in writing are really in the purest form a merging of thinking out loud and practicing the fine art of putting words to paper or in this case keystrokes to screen. I’m so awake right now this weblog post might even get proof read before it is posted. We just made it to March 2020. That is really interesting to think about. My formative years rested around Y2K and the transition from 1999 to 2000. Twenty years stand between now and then with a wide range of things that have happened.

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