Ugh office chair mats

And now… at the start of this day I’m going to spend the next few words writing about office chair mats. It was an entirely tactical exercise in producing words… 

About once a year I destroy the chair mat that my office chair sits on and it is always a frustrating process. This time around the previous mat started to suffer cracks and at that point it was time to get a new one. Making a trip to our local Staples was easy enough and the Sprouts store next door had vegan gummy bears which was interesting. After looking around at the floor mat options which they had a bunch of in stock I went ahead and found one recommended for every day use and bought the bigger one this time around. I think what happens over time is that I put all of my weight toward one of the wheels on the chair in a way that is enough to depress the mat downward and crater it into the carpet. Most of the time I am sitting in my Scandinavian Designs Wau desk chair (blue and white model). It has been a perfectly workable chair and the casters seem to be pretty decent. This has been a problem for as long as I can remember and maybe it has something to do with the way I end up leaning forward during the day and focusing my weight on a front wheel from time to time. 

I really need to spend the rest of this writing session focused on something other than office chair mats. I’m not entirely sure how that topic sprang to the front of my consciousness with such resonance that it deserved a 200 word paragraph. During the course of reviewing some of my research ideas for papers it seemed like a good idea to send out a survey, but it looks like I’m going to have to learn how to get Institutional Review Board approval to engage in that effort. Getting that done is going to require some learning and a bit of poking around to figure out the right way to do something like that. It is something that is definitely much easier to do as a member of a University faculty. After figuring out where to get approval to conduct the research I have two survey designs that might work out well to produce original research papers from and work to get them published in academic journals.

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