A multitude of paths forward exist

A multitude of paths forward exist. We elect to use the time we have in different ways. 

  • Keep producing weekly research notes
  • Build independent study literature reviews
  • Consider what a return to teaching some online classes would require
  • Conduct quantitative research aimed at journal article publication
  • Refine my yearly manuscript creation process

All of that consolidated effort could flow together. Nothing within that packaging would conflict. Right now I’m sitting within content staged until the end of June. Working ahead was a good strategy to allow me to review closely where I’m going and what I’m doing within the framework being used to push things forward. All of that output and effort has to be geared toward building something. It’s part of an overall research trajectory that paths toward something. Outside of that it would be no more than a sustained effort to muddle through the habit of writing. Output would be achieved, but collectively it would have no momentum toward anything. Objectives have to stand just outside the reach of the moment and some even beyond the next range of possible achievements.

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