Posting along the way

Working from an old school perspective on my writing it might be time to just post everything that gets written in the next 10 days. That will pretty much mean keeping a steady stream of thoughts put to paper and sharing them in an unvarnished way without any real editing or any degree of self-censorship. That means for the next ten days you could end up reading anything from poetry about the intersection of technology and modernity to aimless science fiction.

Here are my general thoughts on social fabric in the moment:

Our humanity appears to dissolve under the weight of such an extreme moment. Each wave of moments becomes bigger and bigger. Dissolving before our eyes the social fabric that binds our humanity to a shared experience evaporates as our resolve falters. Gaining strength together the things that bind that social fabric together have to be mended beyond a focus on the weight of the moment. They have to be mended because of the moment. Outside of an argument toward specialization that falters on the backward linkages of an increasingly global supply chain, doing anything mends the border social fabric linkages stretched by commerce.

Thoughts on the freezing fog we had this morning:

I had been thinking about getting a new camera to be able to take some nature photographs like the freezing fog we had this morning. It does not happen that often, but when it does it is fleeting. Maybe getting a new camera is not the way to go… smartphone cameras have become very good recently, but they are not capable of producing an extreme type of depth within images.

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