Oh Wednesday…

Today feels like it is going to be an interesting day. I’m trying to stay away from writing very short posts. Those are the ones that people seem to visit and probably wonder what I was doing that day and why the one post they stumbled upon is so short and unsatisfying. Along the way a lot of one or two sentence posts have been shared. Some of them were probably the foundation for a Tweet or maybe something else happened. One of them that people keep visiting is about the first time “The Simpsons” show was run from start to finish as a marathon. It was a lot of cartoon driven episodes to stream in a sequence by a network. At the time it was like a commitment of half a month of time to sit and watch all the episodes. That was before the time of pandemic and lengthy quarantines. People might have been more likely to wonder how somebody would stay inside and watch so many years worth of a show. Now the context is different on that question. 

Interrupted. School.

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