Some productivity housekeeping

Two days ago, I took action on my plan to do more peer reviews of academic journal submissions and reached out to editors from 3 journals: 1) Government Information Quarterly, 2) Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, and the 3) Public Administration Review. Now that I have built a pretty solid history of working with technology in practice it felt like a good idea to give back to the research community. It will also encourage me to reach more articles in the public administration space. I read a ton of articles in the machine learning and artificial intelligence space every week and they are honestly easier to find and locate as they are shared all over by the others and other interested parties via Twitter thanks to arXiv and other pre-print services. I’m going to give it some thought and try to find a few other journals to support as well. I’m not entirely confident that a lot of peer review work will arrive from the journals mentioned above.

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