Whoa that weekend went by quickly

Yesterday, I had a cherry Pibb Xtra soda while watching the movie Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019) in Dolby Cinema at an AMC theater. Over the last couple of years I have really enjoyed the Dolby Cinema format. The combination of screen clarity and sound immersion really makes a difference during the movie going experience. Between IMAX and Dolby Cinema my favorite at the moment is hands down Dolby Cinema. My central criticism of the design would be the strangely tall walls between the rows. I’m generally considered exactly average height and I find the height of the wall distracting. My guess is that a large swath of folks find the wall distracting. Oh yeah, I got a little distracted in that aside and missed the main point about having a Pibb Xtra.

Generally, I go out of my way not to consume soda. We don’t really buy and keep it in the house. Movie theaters are really the one place where consuming a vat of cola is probably going to happen. Yesterday, it really was a vat of Pibb Xtra. That is a soda that I do not often come across, but for some reason it always catches my attention. Being able to kick it up a notch with some cherry flavoring made my selection inevitable. My rate of going to the movies has increased recently. Years ago, I used to go see pretty much every movie. Back in graduate school I went to Blockbuster and used a movie pass to rent a new movie every day. Oh yeah, Blockbuster was a video rental chain that allowed people to borrow physical media.

Whoa — now is probably the right time for a public service announcement about your old physical media. Unless you were using archival grade CD, DVD, or Blu-ray physical disc media your content is slowly degrading (aka Disc rot). Seriously, I’m not kidding about the degradation. If that content was important to you, then you might want to consider checking on those old movies or pictures and storing them in a more modern way. All of my physical media was stored in those binders in a temperature controlled dark place. For the most part, all of the discs seemed to work just fine. My latest computer built used a Corsair Air 740 high airflow ATX cube case that does not actually have a disc drive or any external bay for physical media of any kind. This is my first build without a disc drive of some type (I’m including magnetic tape as a type of disc storage). The moral of this lengthy passage of prose is backup your data in multiple ways if it is important to you.

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