Squandered moments are everywhere

Today started off with a little fog. It was morning in Colorado. The wind was slightly chilly and it had just rained. My thoughts were with Chicago after watching the Cubs advance to the NLCS during an epic 9th inning rally. This is the time of year for postseason baseball.

I started to think about building my baseball card collection in the 1990’s. It reminded me of reading Beckett magazine and opening backs of trading cards. A few years have passed since I spent time opening packs of cards on a regular basis.

A moment or two pass without an afterthought. They pass and will continue to do so. Moments pass like the wind. Right now these words are the moment. We elect to take action in the moment. Planning to take action lacks a certain authenticity vs. taking action in the moment. We can plan big to change the world. Only our collection action together will change things. The moments we need to move forward are everywhere. Potential remains ready to be unlocked. Each moment could unlocked that potential or it could pass.

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