On Exceeding Potential

Potential means different things to different people. The potential an individual possess matters. Potential is something you should spend some time thinking about. Every person has a certain amount of potential. Some days we live up to it and some days we do not. We make choices about what we are going to do with our time every day. We make those choices related to every moment. Every moment is an opportunity. The choices we make define out path forward. Some choices end up defining us. Our potential alone is rarely the thing that defines us or our place within society. That is why living up to your potential might seem straightforward. It might seem like something that is setup to be either passing or failing. That is not always the case. Things are rarely straightforward. Maybe living up to your potential is something that only you can figure out or judge. We all have limits. Most of them are related to persistence, time, and money.

My journey over the last few years has been less about potential and more about being a part of the journey. I have endeavored to live in the moment and to be present in the things that I am doing. Now may be the time to figure out the edge of my capabilities. Now may be the time to challenge myself to figure out the best possible path forward. It might be the time to figure out the most complex tasking I am capable of completing. That could be a good path forward. It could be the best path forward.

Over a decade ago I started working with cryptography and fractals. Picking up that hobby may be my best path forward. It is certainly a good way to challenge myself intellectually. It may be a good path to start walking down until a new direction presents itself. Over the last couple of years, I have spent time working with data mining and other automated survey collection methods. That type of work did not truly test my knowledge, skills, and abilities. That is something that can be fixed.

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