Inaction is way too easy

You can say it again. You can say it every day. Inaction is way too easy. It would be much easier to not move forward. It would be easier not to strive forward. It would be easy to engage in epic and utterly useless procrastination. Inaction is pretty easy to achieve. The hard part of the process is drawing a line in the sand. You then have to do everything within your power to strive to get beyond that line in the sand. Sometimes that requires the type of single minded purpose that breaks down barriers. Other times it requires just enough imagination to push the frontier of what is possible out just a little bit. That is the key to moving things forward. It involves figuring out how to achieve things that are just beyond what is possible.

We have so many things to accomplish. The intersection of technology and modernity has redefined the nature of what is possible within our lifetimes. We are starting to see tremendous shifts in the ways people are able to work together. We are so close to being able to bring people together to solve the toughest problems of our time. We just have to gain agreement on the problems. We are the generation that got to see politics breakdown. A sound working political system opens the door to a world of possibilities. We have to accept that political parties have a great and truly miraculous capacity to bring people together. It may not be something that we all agree on. Together we have the capacity to achieve truly meaningful change. The possibility exists. That possibility is something we have to appreciate and tap into.

Outside of politics some corporations have tried to make a difference. We have seen a few companies pop up with social benefits. Some of them work globally. Some of them are inherently a part of the social fabric of local communities. Some venture capital companies and other entrepreneurial investors try to push the boundaries of what is possible. Solving the biggest problems we face might create entirely new markets. Those solutions may shake up current markets. As the intersection of technology and modernity continues to reshape the frontier of what is possible we will see huge changes in our lifetime.

We have to figure out where those changes will be. Those are the places where we can make a difference. We have to figure out how those changes can strengthen the social fabric that built our communities. Change is on the horizon. How we harness that change will define our generation.

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