Each and every opportunity

Seizing the day might seem cliché. It is not. We have the opportunity to seize the day. We have the opportunity to strive forward. Every day we have the opportunity to build on our previously built up knowledge, skills, and abilities. Our collective experience only grows throughout every moment of every day. Within each of those moments we face a certain amount of opportunity. We rise to it. We shrink from it. We do just about every thing in between. From time to time we make the mistake of looking beyond today. It truly is a mistake. This moment right now involves a choice. We can take action or we rely on the promise of tomorrow. Maybe procrastination drives that reliance. Maybe it is something else. Each day can be evaluated. We can evaluate each day against one defining question. Was every opportunity throughout the day maximized?

Inquiry can be a part of the process, but it is not a solution. We are taught throughout graduate school to question everything. We rarely question all of our questioning. A wise friend of mine once told me, “Art is art.” I have stood and enjoyed a painting at a museum. I tried to take it all in from the brush strokes to the colors. Inherent to art is an intrinsic value related to the emotions and reaction we experience. That experience is valuable. However, all sorts of techniques exist to breakdown and evaluate things. The models and processes we use to question things are often far more involved and complex than the thing in question.

We believe that questioning can lead us down the path to a solution. A lot of modern solutions do not result in something being solved in perpetuity. It is always interesting when something that was solved changes to being unsolved. That is an interesting phenomenon to observe. It is a phenomenon that requires more and more inquiry as complexity is expanding around us.

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