Be balanced in your approach

Each day we have the opportunity to experience a number of different things. We have to seize the potential for greatness in the moments we can influence. Some of them will be awesome. Some of them will be heartbreaking. Most days will just be predictable. That is ok. It happens. We can make the choice to focus on the positive influences in our lives. Imagine for a moment a day where you experience a rich tapestry of human interactions and emotions. That day includes moments of greatness and personal fulfillment. Your reaction to that type of day should not involve focusing only on outliers. That approach ignores the best parts of the human experience. That type of focus will askew your perspective. As you approach the 5 sigma level of accuracy within any process the overall vast majority of things occurring are positive. We have to get passed focusing only on negative elements of our outliers and be balanced in our approach. It has to be acceptable to celebrate success and recognize strengths. We have to be balanced as we seek to understand the world around us.

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