We take this step forward together

We are here now in this moment. We have to be present. Our thoughts have to be focused on the here and now. We have to understand our current situation. We have the opportunity to take action now. Things have gotten complex. These are the times that break our routines and shatter our expectations. This is election season in America. My next few weeks will literally define the political trajectory of our nation.

Our shared social fabric has been strained by the intersection of technology and modernity. We have filled out large swathes of information. Our content feeds and social networks are constrained by carefully refined and curated preferences. Even the way we are targeted and retargeted online is highly restricted by algorithms that match to preferences.

We have to venture outside the confines of our curated digital experience to question where we are going and where we will be. Instant access to information does not provide us with the ability to know everything. That massive pile of digital data gives us the feeling that knowledge is at our fingertips. It does not guarantee we will have the wisdom to make sound decisions.

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