A new hobby and some politics

A new hobby has taken my focus by storm this month. You might think I was going to say Pokémon GO. That would have been a decent guess. It seems to be a very popular application this month. I walked over to the park by our house and it was crowded with people chasing Pokémon. However, major political campaigns are under way. It is presidential election season. My attention, focus, and thoughts have been drawn to the type of stump speech I would write. Public discourse and writing political speeches are at the forefront of my thoughts. I’m very passionate about health care, education, and technology. Others issues grab my attention, but those three topics tend to retain my focus more than any others. If you expand your definition of technology to include a lot of science, then you can imagine why I gravitate toward those topics. Those are the topics that would pull me into a public debate. They are the topics I chat with folks in person about at airports, restaurants, and other places outside of my house.

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