A few thoughts on online reading habits

Earlier today I spent $1 online to get access to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) digital edition for two months. That otherwise random purchase seemed like a perfectly reasonable thing to do at the time. After the two month trial ends I will probably cancel the subscription. Getting the daily paper on a tablet works out well enough. My Nexus 9 tablet is big enough to handle reading a newspaper. I know that getting a daily deliver and reading the paper from start to finish is probably not something that will ever be a part of my routine again. News aggregation seems to be the way of the future. The idea of a single source of truth from one publisher has given way to services that collect stories from a nearly infinite number of sources. That does destroy the hope of any ongoing narrative. Each interaction becomes inherently single serving. Sure some writers will be able to surf the waves of the stream well enough to emerge frequently. That maybe provide some hope at familiarity, but it will always be a disjointed narrative.

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