Notes from today

Today was all about being present. I pulled a muscle somewhere in my shoulder. I’m not sure how the injury happened. Not only did it disrupt my day, but also it reminded me about striving to be present. That might sound somewhat cliché, but being present in the moment matters. You have to begin the intention of being present. Trips to the grocery store, party supply store, cake store, and Fuzzy’s tacos happened today. Even with all that activity, I did not hit my Fitbit step goal today. My goal for tomorrow is to run 5 miles on the treadmill.

Boston Acoustic engineers built a pretty solid soundbar and wireless subwoofer. I have had one for a couple of years. My new setup has enough space for a full surround sound system. At some point during 2015, I’m going to pick up a surround sound system and a turntable. I’d like to be able to enjoy fully immersive sound while watching movies or listening to albums. The price for a solid surround sound systems seems to have really dropped over the last few years.

Last week I backed a project on Kickstarter for the first time. I backed a new album project Free Dominguez setup called Ghost Notes. Kickstarter projects are pretty interesting. The website seems to have provided artists a platform to raise funds.

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