Avoiding those major blockers

Two podcast audio tracks were recorded this morning. Both the week 137 and 138 content received some revision and were recorded. That was a productive start to the day. Right now the backlog of recorded and ready to release blocks of content for The Lindahl Letter is sitting at 5 weeks. My alternate building project is progressing as well on a daily basis. When you are the only one coding and developing something you have to be really careful about hitting roadblocks and other blockers. That they can just bring everything to a crashing halt on a side project. No opportunity for recovery exists as you have to either solve it, figure out a work around, or elect to move on to something else. No one element of the backlog can be allowed to take up every bit of possible time. 

I was reading this article from Vox writer Peter Kafka about how the newsletter boom is over [1]. During the course of writing 138 blocks of content to share on Substack I have wondered about how that company is doing and what exactly is going on in the world of newsletter publishing. It’s interesting to think of publishing a newsletter as an MVP to ship each week. Kafka shared a few links about what has been happening with Substack as well which was helpful. Those articles did not paint the best forward looking picture. A few weeks ago now I started to both post my podcast audio and Substack post content on this blog each week as well. That is more or less just an archival play at the moment. I’d have to figure out how to fold subscribers from one platform to the other which I guess would be possible by email. I’d have to consider the right opt-in process for that to make the switch, but it’s probably a problem for future Nels. 

[1] https://www.vox.com/recode/23289433/newsletters-substack-subscriptions-bari-weiss-semafor-peter-kafka-column

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