Working away from using Twitter for posting

Things within the space occupied by business news related to the Twitter platform have been beyond weird recently. To that end I’m actively working away from using Twitter for posting. It may be time to just swing back over and write things for the old weblog. This is a familiar fallback posture to take. My blogging goes way back for around 20 years now. At some point, I did elect to pull down some of my older posts by placing them into the archive side of things. They are loaded, but are a private part of the content library on the weblog. For better or worse, that is probably the way things will remain for some time. That includes about 1,880 posts that are set to private within this weblog deployment. 

I guess that means that writing new content should be a priority. To that end I’m going to spend a few moments here writing and working on thinking about the nature of things. It was one of those days where I thought about buying a new office desk chair at some point. Without question that is not something that I need to do anytime soon. My Scandinavian Design Wau desk chair is holding up just fine. Some of the Herman Miller chairs always look pretty darn good, but that is not something that I need to buy any time soon. I’m sure the office desk chair that I have right now will last for years.

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