Moving toward some hyperfocus

Today was productive enough. In the early hours of the morning I was able to lock in the last podcast audio recording for the month of July 2023. I’m staying within the 5 week buffer right now to have content ready to post. For some ineffable reason I have written a number of tweets today. 

Tweet: Saturday morning podcast recording mischief is now complete.

Tweet: Today was a day where donut ordering happened early in the morning. We ended up waiting at an intersection for a bunch of cyclists competing in some type of race to pass us. All that waiting was enough to inspire an extra shot of espresso in my iced macchiato.

Tweet: Sitting at a traffic light. Waiting for the light to cycle. The driver in the car behind me started flailing and otherwise behaving wildly. After a few moments of that increasingly wild behavior, I’m pretty sure he killed a spider with a smartphone. So that happened this weekend.

Tweet: I might be using @YouTube wrong, but I just open up my subscriptions list and watch videos both on my computer and television.

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