Maybe I should live Tweet today

Today could very well be a live tweeting extravaganza. Two shots of espresso were brewed using a Nespresso machine. 400 calories of chocolate flavor Huel were consumed. Now that I’m all fueled up, I have a couple hours to write.

Today I got left behind during spring break week. Apparently, all the fun is happening elsewhere and it was time for me to be left back at the basecamp for writing and reading. Today is @NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang’s keynote. It was not a bad day to get left behind. 

I finished the upcoming “Language models revisited” post and should be focused on writing a Substack post about “Ethics in machine learning” with my extra time today. I’m looking at other content creation options, but will probably swing back to generating 1,000 words on ML ethics.

A little music was required to begin the writing process. I’m listening to my Warren Zevon station on Pandora. It was apparently created back on May 5, 2013. You can find it here: ? Warren Zevon Radio on @PandoraMusic

Things are about to get going with Jensen from @NVIDIA. I have the keynote ready to go in a browser tab “GTC 2022 Keynote [S42295]” is waiting to play. Don’t panic with FOMO. It has an indicator of what will be covered, “Primary Topic: AI Strategy for Business Leaders.”

The GTC event has so many sessions it would take a lot of time and effort to listen to all of them. I’m thinking beyond the keynote I might attend, “A Vision of the Metaverse: How We will Build Connected Virtual Worlds [S42114].”

Ok the #GTC22 player failed with the error message “Something went wrong” from the actual @NVIDIA event player and I ended up going over to @YouTube to watch the actual keynote live stream with 6,713 other people watching the premiere.

This keynote from Jensen is super choreographed and heavily embedded with graphics. It’s almost overproduced at this point. I’m getting a bit of infomercial flavor compared to the technical content I wanted to consume. However, #GTC22 is holding my attention so far today.

This #GTC22 keynote is really full of machine learning buzzwords. Anybody playing bingo to this keynote probably has already had a winner. They really had Jensen reading a ton of rather dense lists during the recording process.

I was really hoping Jensen would announce they built an actual Jurassic park during #GTC22. Would they have to pay Michael Crichton a royalty?

I’m curious about how the GPU confidential computing will work in practice. The #GTC22 keynote has been interesting so far.

Whoa… That is a fast computer from @NVIDIA. The #GTC22 Eos will be 275 petaFLOPS or 1.4x faster than the fastest science computer in the United States…

NVIDIA Eos screenshot

Like Jensen I’m very curious what the next million-x will look like as well. #GTC22 should be interesting this year. I’m gearing up for the “A Vision of the Metaverse: How We will Build Connected Virtual Worlds [S42114]” panel that is starting soon. The videos should be here:

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