Considering Twitter subscriptions

We are back on track with a block of writing happening each week. Right now posts are staged for the next 5 weeks out till July 14, 2023. I woke up this morning and worked on the next block of writing in the backlog. Got it recorded and scheduled to both Substack and the blog. 

I’m super curious about this feature that Twitter has rolled out called “Subscriptions” to create a monthly income stream for content creators. The most interesting part of the equation is that you have to set the monthly subscription prices and you cannot change it later. Filling out the entire form took a couple of minutes. It required completing these 2 prompts:

“Take a minute to say hello”

This bonus content will probably be a bit of inside baseball related to my writing efforts. I have been writing blogs for 20+ years.

“Describe the perks you’ll offer”

You will get a few more blocks of content that would otherwise appear on the blog. I’ll try to provide a better look at what is happening.

My monthly cost would have been $2 as a subscription. That seemed superior to the $1 minimum amount they would have allowed. In theory somebody could have selected the maximum value in the drop down of $239 as the target monthly subscription rate. That seems like an awful lot of subscription cost to get access to some bonus content in Tweet form each month. Maybe somebody who breaks news on a regular basis or a really interesting public figure like Michael Burry (think Big Short fame) could command that maximum value. You could subscribe to most of the major streaming content services for that cost. 

Assuming the Twitter account devoted to Subscriptions is an accurate source…

In total the system has 3,858 users with accounts that are enabled for the monthly subscription feature. That is actually a larger number than I was expecting. A screenshot is included here as I’m sure the overall numbers will change go forward.

Apparently, back on May 12, 2023 they reduced the application steps from 27 to 4… 

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