Strictly speaking this is not a captain’s log

Apparently, during the course of sailing around the ocean it is a good practice to keep a captain’s log for navigation and maintenance reasons. It’s entirely possible that I have been keeping a functional journal about my writing practices for both navigation and maintenance reasons. None of my journaling has been about the ocean in any way shape or form. I don’t really even use analogies or metaphors that are sea inspired. I guess that covers that and we are ready to move on to something else here during this writing session. 

My PSA of the day is to give blood if you are able to complete a donation. I try to give blood several times a year. They don’t have a method to make synthetic blood at this time. Donations are an important part of keeping the system running. 

Interesting observation after a few days of flipping my tweets to private mode… it turns out that setting has not really changed my Twitter application usage. A few people won’t get my responses, but that is fine in the long run. We could follow each other if some type of actual communication on Twitter was warranted. 

My recent writing efforts have involved sitting down with the Pixelbook Go on a more regular basis and just writing whatever comes to mind at the time. That is not always a recipe to yield the productive generation of prose, but it has been good in terms of general writing productivity. Right now I’m watching the Dallas Stars and Seattle Kraken play hockey and just typing away.

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