It has to be the right plan

All those writing plans abound. You have to figure out the outcomes of executing the plan. It has to be the right plan. You have to make sure things are lined up in the right ways. Some of those thoughts are coming from the nature of the day that was at hand. It was one of those days where it seemed like a good idea to deeply consider some things. One of those things was just how best to apply the time I have right now to something meaningful. Zooming out a bit it is easy to see that we are in year three of a writing plan that includes producing one block of content per week. Maybe the answer is inside that premise. Writing and producing blocks of content as a process might very well be what I want to do with the time that I have right now. Apparently, the process of producing the thing is what is standing out to me as being pivotal at the moment.

Tonight is going to be a night full of watching the NHL playoffs. Right now the Boston Bruins vs. the Florida Panthers game is on and later on the Colorado Avalanche will play the Seattle Kraken. It’s a big game tonight for the Colorado Avalanche given that the series is all tied up at 2-2. Winning that mid series stalemate is very important. Getting into any elimination game scenario is not a good thing to allow if the team can avoid it. At the moment, I’m considering what is going to happen with dinner and just absorbing some playoff hockey. That is where things are at and it is pretty much what is going on beyond engaging in the practice of daily writing. Sometimes you have to sit down and just work on producing some words. That is a different element than producing a set of weekly blocks as a part of a plan. I know right now what each of those writing blocks is going to be between now and the end of the year. Working on those well defined blocks of content is a type of intellectual work to generate output. Sitting down to just write for the sake of putting words on the page is a different sort of activity. 

I’m a big fan of stream of consciousness based writing. Sitting down and just writing until you are done with the act of writing is a great way to relax your mind. A lot of time that type of effort could produce absolute balderdash. Writing about whatever comes to mind will have a mix of results. Some of it might be interesting and other blocks of it might otherwise be terrible prose. It happens. I’m certainly guilty of a few false starts now and again during the writing process. Ok to be fair to that assessment I’m probably guilty of a fair number of false starts. More than a few of those have made it all the way to the blog. Other ones more recently just get to live in a Google Doc in perpetuity. 

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