Digging into all of my Google Keep notes

A lot of opportunities exist to focus on things. Investing a bit of time into something could be part of a plan. Earlier tonight I started digging into all of my Google Keep notes.

During one of the days at the beach recently, I sat down and started making a list of topics I would like to spend some time either researching or writing about. It turns out that list was 49 total items. Right now I’m actively working on week 128 of the writing plan. That plan was designed to run within 3 years of content so far and that would be 156 weeks worth of writing. My current backlog actually runs to week 157 and an extra list of 12 topics. That means my current backlog of items before the introduction of this new list of 49 items was 169 blocks of content which would then be extended to 218 total blocks of content. That would be over 4 years of total content between what has been written and what is in the backlog. 

Having that large a backlog is not where I normally sit with things. I don’t like to have such a large and unwieldy backlog. It may be one one of those times where I’m going to have to adapt my writing schedule to help work it down to a more manageable level of content blocks that need to be written.

Ok, I ended up making an executive decision on how to manage the backlog. It was a super disruptive decision at this point in the process. I went ahead and at the week 128 point I pasted in the new list of 49 items. That means I’m going to struggle with updating the next five weeks of forward looking items on a bunch of blocks of content, but that is a solvable problem. It’s just annoying and time consuming vs. having any really problematic nature. That does mean that starting in July you will start to get the benefit of this new backlog and strictly you are going to end up waiting about a year to return to the previously structured program.

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