A good Saturday morning of writing

It was a very solid morning for producing blocks of content. Instead of achieving one block of content creation this morning. Two blocks of content were actually created. Both weeks 133 and 134 were finalized and recorded. That puts me 4 weeks ahead in terms of scheduled posts. It’s nice to be locked in till Friday, August 18, 2023. My writing plan involves trying to ensure one block of content is created every week. Maybe it would be better to go back to the plan for producing a big year of writing content, but trying to produce a solid million words of content in a single year is a big task to try to accomplish. 

My attention got super focused on E138 of the All-In podcast this morning. Generally, I like to listen to people talk about things in the background. To that end podcasts are pretty great as they provide a continuously updating stream of that type of content. 

I broke away from the writing project to go see Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (2023) at our local theater. My previous rating of the movies stands the same 3-5-1-2-4. I have seen all five movies at least twice per film.

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