A walk to the park

Yesterday ended up being a personally meaningful day. It took me a year of living here to understand. Broomfield city planners included open spaces. Sometimes the view of the mountains in the background makes you forget about how valuable open spaces can be. The open spaces are much closer than the mountains. It takes a few hours to drive to the front range of the mountains. Peppercorn the dog knows what the word walk means. That dog will hop around and whine if the word walk is used in pretty much any sentence. John Paul just likes to go outside.

A busy two lane street stands between where I am standing and the park. Those four lanes of impassable thunderous traffic stand between us and a wonderful park. A park that contains slides, things to climb on, and some swings.

On the other side of the road a long stretch of green grass fills my field of vision leading up to the park. That park has a lot of open space. Very green grass spans as about as far as John Paul can run without stopping. The edges of that open space are covered with trees that are tall enough to have known and seen the seasons. Those trees would have witnessed years of reckless joy if that type of awareness happened. Those trees could very well have been standing in that park longer than my time on this earth.

After our perilous crossing of as street, Peppercorn the dog and John Paul ran across the great open space of freshly mowed green grass toward a park on the end of their vision. Neither of them ran in a straight line, but that did not really matter. Spring must have officially started the weather was fantastic. It was just under 70 degrees and things were great. John’s infectious laugh echoed throughout the neighborhood. It was a moment that might as well have been in slow motion. It will not be easily forgotten. It was a moment I hope to recall for years to come.

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