Supporting independent artists

Supporting independent artists to make music is generally rewarding. Last night I spent an hour watching a live stream concert. My Audioengine A5+ speakers were more than capable of delivering streaming concert audio. It sounded great through the DAC. Between the video feed and the streaming audio It was an interesting experience. The feed was not 4k resolution. It was a pretty decent 1080 multi camera feed. It did not take me back to my concert experiences circa 1998. It did make me want to pick up my guitar. That always turns out well. Playing guitar is always a great stress reducer. Kickstarter and other methods of supporting artists have changed the way people can contribute to the creation of art. I have supported the efforts of singer Free Dominguez on several projects over the years. This year that support extended to a Kidneythieves released album titled “The Mend”. It is hard to believe that band started in 1998. A lot of things have changed since that band formed. It has been amazing time to be alive.

KT Live 2016

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