My thoughts on the Amazon Music Unlimited service

A few minutes today will be devoted to the incredibly important act of cleaning up the papers on my desk. The pile of papers has gotten a little out of control over the weekend. You may recall a few weeks back I cancelled my Pandora streaming service in favor of trying out the Amazon Music Unlimited service. It is an interesting experience to have access to pretty much anything you want to listen to anytime you have an internet connection.

Renting access to digital music is probably not the best way to support independent artists. I make a conscious choice to actually buy vinyl albums. I buy albums that I really like and for the most part they sit on my shelf. It is much easier to play streaming music throughout the day. I do listen to them, but not every minute of every day. Consider for a moment the sheer daunting weight of the music based choice when you stand before your Amazon Echo and ask Alexa to play any album. Literally, you could just listen to the top ten albums of all time and call it a day. You could ask Alexa to play anything.

Overall, the Amazon Music Unlimited service is very powerful. If you like to switch it up and listen to a wide variety of music, then the service is probably a good fit. Most of the time I switch between listening to an artist inspired station (Pandora is great at that) and listening to albums from start to finish. My preference usually is to listen to albums.

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