Willing action into existence

Yesterday I did a lot more document formatting than I did any real coding or development. Some time was spent reading about how to make graphs using commands in Jupyter Notebooks. Most of the document formatting efforts had to do with getting the Graduation with Civic Honors book from back in 2006 formatted into a single post. That entire book is about 25,000 words contained in 14 chapters. I probably do need to get an SSL certificate setup for that website. Right now it is showing up as not secure. That is the one thing I really do not like about my current hosting provider. The amount of work it takes to get the SSL certificate setup and going is really surprising. My expectation is that they would have figured out how to just deploy those things by now given how standard they are becoming in the industry. If you wanted to go see the book in a single frame, then follow this link below or at the top of the blog navigation menu. 

Graduation with Civic Honors: Unlock the power of community opportunity

Today is going to be a super active and productive Monday. That is my effort to will action into existence at the start of the day. That might be more inspirational than it is practical. Each day we effectively decide what course of action we are going to take one step forward at a time. Seeing the world in the framework of the moment let’s people decide over and over again what they are going to do next. Willing a small amount of action into existence is about knowing what is possible or what needs to be done and moving along a trajectory toward that perfect possible future. Sure that might seem idealistic, but the only way to get things done is to work toward completion. Striving toward that goal is inherently the nature of what it means to take action. Every bit of that is inherently part of the daily moments of deciding that we mostly elect to ignore. Muddling through the things that need to get done based on routine is an easier path than accepting a trajectory toward the things that are hard. The things worth doing at a much grander scale.

Interrupted. Work.

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