We write the ballads of our time

Within the realms of my imagination writing remains one of the noblest pursuits. Maybe within the harsh light our reality writing would not be considered noble. That question does not need to be debated at the moment. Like most days recently my interests have been focused on recovering from a cold. One of the insights that occurred during my sleepless nights was a rather simple observation. I realized that it might be time to return to writing in the original style of this functional journal. A style of writing that involves my observations and a little bit of information about my day.

For better or worse the fine art of noodling on a page needs to be a large part of my day. That will have to involve spending more time writing. More or less it will involve producing prose just like this on a series of different days and posting it online. Thinking about writing opens the door to looking at Chromebooks online. My original ASUS Flip works just fine. I know that it works just fine, but for some reason I keep wanting to replace it with a newer model. That endless search for new technology always seems to be a part of my process. It always seems to happen.

Writing academic papers and making academic contributions should really take up more of my time. That is something that gets easier and easier to ignore every year. A seemingly relentless need to write strikes me from time to time. During that window I have to produce something useful. That does not always happen. Sometimes distractions slow me down or sometimes my attention gets focused on something that simply does not deliver. My new strategy to avoid false starts and to otherwise lean into them involves dragging my Chromebook around with me to write within a moment of notice.

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