Things are starting to line up

Sometimes you put some ideas on a list. A few of them get crossed off from time to time. Things are starting to line up. After just a bit of those things starting to work out things seemed okay. Putting together a plan at this point makes sense. I have all the broad strokes of what needs to be worked out. That vision of what the perfect possible figure would entail is enough to get things moving along. Right now 226 missives are sitting in a draft status. I’m going to start working some of them out every night or deleting them from the backlog. Some of those drafts go all the way back to 1998 apparently.

The oldest one dating back to 1998 was pure trash and I don’t have any memory of writing it at all. It has been deleted from the backlog and that honestly felt pretty good. 

Some of that older draft content from 1998 and 1999 included some papers. That prose was lacking and a few of them are getting deleted along the way. 

The best course of action was just to delete all the drafts. It was the best plan forward. They were all just false starts anyway.

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