20191014 Thoughts

Whoa… today was a day when writing did not really feel like a good idea. Things just went a little bit sideways and did not seem to have much forward momentum. That is sort of where my thoughts ended up earlier. Instead of dwelling on that it seemed like a good idea to brew a mug of green tea and watch a little bit of The Curse of Oak Island on Netflix. Maybe that helped get this session of writing going a bit tonight.

I checked my notes from Google Keep and thought a little bit about the big Google announcement tomorrow. It is entirely possible that tomorrow a new Google Pixel 4 XL will be my next smartphone. We will see how the preorder process and the pricing ends up landing during the event. Apparently, tomorrow just might be the day that a new Google Pixelbook gets launched. This ASUS Chromebook Flip has seen better days and is currently missing a few keys, but otherwise works. Tomorrow might just be the day that a new Chromebook and smartphone are ordered.

Earlier today I started thinking about picking up some new vinyl The Doors records. That piece of extremely keen insight was in my Google Keep notes. A lot of notes have been piling up recently and some of them probably deserve a bit of discovery. That typically involves taking a thought and exploring it via written prose for a few minutes or maybe an hour. Nothing really seems to get more attention than an hour these days. Actually have an hour to devote to any one thing is pretty rare these days.

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