On The Great Laptop Search

Searching for a new laptop has been interesting. My HP Envy X2 has failed. I’m not buying another Hewlett-Packard computer. Picking the right laptop used to be easier. During my trip to Kansas City, I visited Micro Center, Best Buy, Office Depot, and Costco in search of the perfect laptop. I ended up surfing around Amazon for a couple hours. My needs are pretty straightforward. The laptop needs to have a sub 13 inch screen, be lightweight, and have strong battery life. I had toyed with buying a Chromebook, but teaching online involves Cisco VPN and Citrix. Both of those technologies seem to require Windows. Some of the ultrabooks look pretty awesome, but they are very expensive. The HP Envy X2 only lasted two years. It is the first laptop style derive that has not lasted 4 years.

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