A day of action

It seemed like the ice maker was making a very strange noise today. After emptying the ice tray and trying to figure out what was going on the answer became clear. One of John Paul’s remote controlled cars was screeching under the fridge. It apparently was trying to drive forward every few minutes. I picked it up and calmly switched engaged the off switch.

A cup of coffee has been brewed. The blinds for John Paul’s room have been acquired from the Home Depot. They are still in the back of my car. I’m trying to summon the energy to put them up in the window. That is easier going to happen tonight or tomorrow.

The Fitbit Surge is now available. By the time I started to order one they were on a 6-8 week shipping delay. Charging my Fitbit Flex has always been a challenge. It normally takes about 5 tries to get the device to charge. The only way I could get it to charge today was resting at an angle on my scarf.

My Fitbit is charging


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