Salsa Gordo Perezoso del Hombre Revised Recipe Update

Salsa Gordo Perezoso del Hombre Revised Recipe Update

Test kitchen recipe update v8.02

The current test kitchen version of the salsa includes:

12 scotch bonnet habanero peppers,
30 serrano peppers,
67 jalapeno peppers,
16 bell peppers,
6 poblano peppers, and
8 Anaheim peppers.

Other than the wide variety of peppers:

2 whole onions,
9 garlic cloves,
2 tablespoons sea salt,
3 bunches worth of finely chopped cilantro,
2 1/2 cups of distilled vinegar, and
204 ounces of peeled whole tomatoes (without juice).

This recipe yielded about 13 quarts of glorious salsa.

Basic Salsa Preparation Instructions

1. Make sure you have all of the ingredients and about three hours of free time to complete the cooking process. This batch included the use of a food processor.

2. In multiple food processor batches combine the diced pepper mixture with a chopped up onion and the garlic in a large mixing bowl.

3. Use the food processor to process the peeled whole tomatoes and store them in a separate mixing bowl. In the tomato-mixing bowl, pour one cup of distilled vinegar, two tablespoons of salt, and about half a cup of finely chopped cilantro.

4. Bring all the ingredients for the salsa to a boil for about an hour or simmer the salsa for two hours.

5. Of course, the salsa has to be canned, refrigerated, and stored for about a day before it is ready for consumption. Some people do not boil the salsa and just can the salsa cold, but I have found that it never has exactly the right taste without proper boiling or simmering.

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